Well, goddamn. Probably one of my favorites right here. I started talking to Kae during one of my brief “I’ll check in MFC and see if anyone hot is on” revisitations. She was a cute chick into body mods; she actually has augmented ears from surgery to give them elf-like points, some subcutaneous implants, and a lot of ink. She was also a WWE fan, particularly of Shaemus, because as she put it, “Pale people gotta stick together.” This was her first and possibly only private session in which she did something more than just take her top off, as we worked out a deal beforehand for me to pop her MFC masturbation cherry of sorts. Sadly, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to chop off a tata, which was most of the reason she had wanted to cam while she still had them. So congratulations, you’re seeing what is likely her only appearance with “natural” equipment. She never asked for money or sympathy, though, which makes me think it was genuine and not a “donate to me” ploy. This video has no sound.

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