Birth Date: Sept. 7, 1990
Age: 24
Sex: Transsexual
Interested In: Men, Couples
Location: narnia
Language(s): español ingles
Body Type: atletic
Smoke / Drink: no
Body Decorations: si

Show begins with Karolina in stripe bikini talking on her iphone. She starts singing and grooving, moving her body. Then takes off her top and then moves up on the couch and shows us what she is wearing, spandex.

She slips a hand and plays with her cock. After a while, she removes her bottm and now shes topless in her white translucent panties, rubbing her cock through her panties and making it stiff. She slips her hand inside and adjust her cock, then spreads her legs.

Finally she has had enough and takes it off and starts stroking her cock. Getting from soft to hard in record time.She keeps playing with her cock, applying lotion, rubbing her balls. Making it soft then hard then soft again. Squeezing every inch of her precum. This goes on for sometime.


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