I’m sure you have probably seen this girl before on MFC. She has a very nice body, slim and stacked and a very pretty face. She usually sets her goals pretty high so it takes quite a while to reach them or they never do get reached. Looks like she made a few goals today. I have a recording of her from about a year ago where she gets drunk and rides a dildo. Gonna have to see if I can find it. I’ve been recording her for a while now and thought this was a pretty good one to share.

Arianna chats with the pervs on MFC. She flashes her very nice tits for tokens and shows off her awesome body. She uses her lovense device while she’s on her back and on her knees showing off her sweet ass, then she uses one of those two pronged vibrator thingies with the big prong in her ass and the smaller prong vibing her pussy and clit.

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