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  • How come I can’t watch this video?

    • nightman 1 year ago

      change your browser

      • Which browser do you recommend, I have tried IE and Chrome. For some reason the videos you posted June 11-12th have a plus sign button(+) instead of the standard play button. All the video prior to June 11th work fine.

        • nightman 1 year ago

          its so weird . definitely issue is not our side.. maybe hosting provider changed their HTML code, if issue is persisting maybe we change our hosting provider . for now please try Firefox browser

          • Unfortunately FireFox doesn’t work either for the vids on June 11/12th. Strange, Thanks for trying though.

          • Unfortunately Firefox didn’t work either, do you not have this issue when trying to watching the videos from June 11-12th?

          • Still having issues even with Firefox, any other suggestions?

          • nightman 1 year ago

            i don’t have any idea , as i said before issue is not our side if this issue is persisting we will change video player for next videos